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Objetivo: pesquisar concordância entre a presença de pontos brancos no duodeno com as informações clínicas e com achados histopatológicos. Resultados: foram incluídos no estudo laudos de pacientes com pontos brancos no duodeno e pacientes sem alterações em duodeno no exame endoscópico. Introduction: Despite existing a routine of performing biopsies in pediatric digestive endoscopies, children's duodenal pathologies have received little attention in literature studies. One of the relatively common macroscopic findings in endoscopic practice in children is the presence of white spots on the duodenal mucosa. No study in the literature addresses these white spots' relationships and their anatomopathological aspects with the different pediatric patients' different pathologies.

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Items in DSpace are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Show full item record Recommend this item. Histologically, neoplastic cells on the invasive front and inner tumor show distinct morphological and molecular characteristics, resulting in specific clinical behaviors. In a recent study, our group demonstrated that differentially expressed proteins found in the neoplastic islands of the invasive umor front were correlated with the prognosis of these patients, evidencing the invasive front as an area of?? Based on knowledge of histopathology and tumor regions, the immunohistochemical reaction was used in clinical tissue samples and target-based proteomics in saliva as a doubly sensitive tool to monitor patients with OSCC. Surgical paraffin embedded OSCC specimens samples were submitted to the immunohistochemical reaction of the protein panel evaluating their immunostaining on the invasive front compared to the inner tumor. A six-score system A to F was developed to evaluate protein expression, taking into account the intensity and percentage of labeled neoplastic cells, as well as the combination of these two parameters

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The definition of cuneus in the dictionary is a small wedge-shaped area of the cerebral cortex. Baixe o programa educalingo. Citações, bibliografia em inglês e atualidade sobre cuneus. Vegetius says that late Roman soldiers nicknamed the cuneus the 'pig's head' caput Ross Cowan,

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